Mary-Kay Gamel

Professor of Classics, Comparative Literature, and Theater Arts
University of California, Santa Cruz

Mary-Kay Gamel is professor of Emerita of Classics, Comparative Literature, and Theater Arts at UC Santa Cruz. Her areas of interest include classics, classical reception studies, Greek tragedy and comedy, theatre studies, and performance studies. Gamel has staged many productions of ancient and medieval drama, often in her own translations and adaptations, and has written on the performance of ancient drama in both the original and later contexts. She has published articles in the journals Arethusa, Syllecta Classica, and American Journal of Philology, for which she edited a special issue, "Performing/Transforming Aristophanes’ Thesmophoriazousai." She is also co-author, with Ruby Blondell, of Ancient Mediterranean Women in Modern Mass Media (2005).


  • An Alternative Paradigm for Studying and Performing Athenian Drama

    Ancient Athenian drama is most often viewed through the lens of contemporary professional theater in which there is not necessarily any social, structural, or political connection between theater and audience. Closer examination reveals, however, that this drama much more closely resembles modern community theater, which has strong ties to local issues, politics, and audiences.


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