2018 FHI-NCCU Digital Humanities Fellows Symposium | Julie Nelson, Creating Visual Stories and Digital Arguments

March 31, 2019
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Julie D. Nelson is Assistant Professor in the NCCU Department of Language and Literature, where she teaches in the writing program. Her fellowship project, Transforming NCCU Rhetorics: A Curated Collection (https://nccurhetoric.atavist.com/rhet…), engaged students in her History of Rhetoric course (mostly juniors and seniors English majors) in the creation of a digital text for a local, public audience.

The Franklin Humanities Institute – North Carolina Central University Digital Humanities Fellowship program is currently based at the Digital Humanities Initiative at FHI (DHI@FHI). Inaugurated in 2016-17 under the aegis of the FHI’s Mellon Humanities Futures initiative, the fellowships are designed to increase the uses of DH tools and methods in the NCCU classroom. The FHI-NCCU DH Fellows program consists of a year-long series of workshops, geared toward both the theoretical and practical aspects of the digital humanities. Fellows are expected to create a new course or significantly revise an old one for inclusion in their regular teaching cycle. While its primary focus is pedagogical, the program also supports DH-related research projects and professional development opportunities for fellows.