Steingo portrait

Gavin Steingo

Assistant Professor in the Music Department
Princeton University

Gavin Steingo is Assistant Professor in the Music Department at Princeton University. In his research, he seeks to understand globally circulating musical practices from the perspective of the geopolitical South. This research includes examinations of music and value, infrastructures and audio technologies, sound and race, and the politics of world music circulation. He has recently pursued these topics in a monograph, Kwaito’s Promise: Music and the Aesthetics of Freedom in South Africa (University of Chicago Press, 2016, winner of the Alan P. Merriam Prize from the Society for Ethnomusicology), and through conversations with scholars across a broad spectrum of disciplines: a special issue of the journal boundary 2 co-edited with Jairo Moreno on the topic "Econophonia: Music, Value, and Forms of Life"; a co-edited book series (also with Jairo Moreno) exploring intersections of music and sound for Oxford University Press; and a volume (co-edited with Jim Sykes) on decolonizing sound studies forthcoming from Duke University Press. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania.


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