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  • Dispatches from Humanities Futures Year 1


    We thought it might be useful, as you peruse the papers on this website, to have a sense of the…

  • Inter-departmental Seminar: Voice, Performance, & Expression


    Program Schedule 9:00am – 9:15am: Welcome Deborah Jenson, Director, Franklin Humanities Institute, Professor of Romance Studies and Global Health, Duke University 9:15am…

  • Inter-departmental Seminar: Translations


      Program Schedule    10:15pm Welcome   10:30pm-12:00pm Panel 1 Afro-Pessimism and the End of Redemption Frank B. Wilderson, III, Professor…

  • Inter-departmental Seminar: Politics and Religion


    Click here to view paper abstracts Program Schedule   12:30pm Lunch   1:00pm-1:10pm  Welcome Srinivas Aravamudan, Professor of English, Romance…

  • Inter-departmental Seminar: Global Humanities


    Program Schedule    10:30am Welcome   10:45pm-12:15pm Panel 1  The Humanities after Humanism Faisal Devji, University Reader in Modern South…

  • Inter-departmental Seminar: Classical Studies, Theater Studies, Women’s Studies


    Program Schedule   10:30am Welcome   10:45am – 12:15pm: Panel 1 The Metastases of Performance: Ubiquity, Marginality, Virtuosity Tavia Nyong’o,…

  • Inter-departmental Seminar: Politics of Performance


    As part of our new Mellon initiative Seminars in Historical, Global, and Emerging Humanities, the FHI is partnering with Duke’s 18 arts, humanities, and interpretive social sciences departments to organize a 3-year series of cross-departmental public seminars. Each Humanities Futures event brings together a sub-group of Duke humanities departments, in a joint exploration of the futures of the disciplines in light of the interdisciplinary developments of recent decades. This event is jointly organized by the FHI, the Department of Cultural Anthropology, the Dance Program, and the Program in Literature.