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From Local Knowledge: Ecological Relationships in the World of Water

This essay focuses on the supportive efforts of Tropenbos International Colombia to bring to light the vast knowledge and close relationship indigenous peoples in the Colombian Amazon have with their surroundings.

Name and Draw: An Exploration of Communicating Traditional Knowledge in the Work of Abel Rodríguez

Indigenous peoples possess a close and complex relationship with their surroundings and have gathered from their traditions and life experiences invaluable and extensive knowledge of a wide range of academic research areas.

“Still It Makes Me Laugh, No Time to Die”: Methodological Reflections on Oxford Street

Ato Quayson

In responding to several commentaries on his book, Oxford Street, Accra: City Life and the Itineraries of Transnationalism, the author calls upon autobiographical memories and probes their relation to fieldwork and translational transactions between various languages, pointing out that there are no easy or single sources for entextualized anecdotes or slogans.

Más Arte Más Acción: Utopia’s 500th

This essay presents the work of Más Arte Más Acción, a UK–Colombian non-profit cultural foundation set up in 2009 by visual artist Fernando Arias and cultural manager Jonathan Colin.

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Achille Mbembe, Future Knowledges & the Dilemmas of Decolonization

In this “at large” Humanities Futures talk, philosopher Achille Mbembe considers the possibilities of a new planetary configuration of the…

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Donna Haraway | Making OddKin: Telling Stories for Earthly Survival

Multispecies environmental and reproductive justice must be practiced against human exceptionalism and in resistance to colonial capitalist divisions of species,…

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Health, Loss, and the Biopolitical Distribution of Affect

This panel from the Health Humanities & Social Justice Breath, Body, Voice Conference at Duke University dealt with health, the…

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Nikky Finney: Sipping Kerosene at the Refectory

Famed poet Nikky Finney kicked off our Health Humanities & Social Justice Breath, Body, Voice Conference with a reading from…

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Symposium on Race & Transgender Studies

Transgender Studies + Humanities Series Symposium on Race and Transgender Studies, at the John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute at Duke…

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Global Blackness: A Multidisciplinary Exploration | Duke Faculty Panel with Makhulu, Winters, Glymph, DeFrantz

"The Black Body in the Time-Space of the Negative" – Anne-Maria Makhulu, Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology and African &…

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Global Blackness: A Multidisciplinary Exploration | Duke Faculty Panel with Jaji, Smith, Shapiro, Royal

"Sounding Blackness: Some Notes on Race, Poetry and Classical Music" – Tsitsi Jaji, Associate Professor of English “What’s black in…

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Global Blackness: A Multidisciplinary Exploration | Duke Faculty Panel with Lentz-Smith, Chapman, Piot, French

"Global Histories of Local Violence" – Adriane D. Lentz-Smith, Associate Professor of History “Global Blackness: Haiti, Dance, Freedom" Dasha Chapman,…

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Global Blackness: A Multidisciplinary Exploration | Duke Faculty Panel with Darity, Lubiano, Powell, Neal

"Slumberland" – William Darity, Jr., Samuel DuBois Cook Professor of Public Policy, Professor of African & African American Studies and…

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Global Blackness: A Multidisciplinary Exploration | Keynote by Patricia Northover

“Global Blackness: Politics of Cultures, Primitive Dispossession and the haunting of the modern political” Patricia Northover, a Senior Fellow at…

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Global Blackness: A Multidisciplinary Exploration | Keynote by Uri McMillan

“Being Otherwise, Being Grace Jones: Performing on the Outer Limits” Uri McMillan, Associate Professor of African-American Studies, English, Gender Studies,…

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Global Blackness: A Multidisciplinary Exploration | Keynote by Fatimah Jackson

Fatimah Jackson, Professor of Biology and Director of the W. Montague Cobb Research Laboratory at Howard University, is a biologist…

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There is No End to Out | M. NourbeSe Philip reads from Zong!

Poet M. NourbeSe Philip reads from her poem Zong! as part of the Black Outdoors Working Group’s closing event, “There…

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Ilyse Morgenstein Fuerst: After the Rebellion: Religion, Rebels and Jihad in South Asia

This talk is part of the Humanities Futures Critical Islamic Studies Working Group’s speaker series. Religion, rebels, and jihad were…

Comic by Craig Klugman

The Health Humanities and the Future of Publishing

This paper discusses the evolution of the field of Health Humanities and examines the effects that changes in publishing may hold for its continued development, including open access, pre-print servers, textbooks, ebooks, blogs, and other innovations that might presage a non-print—and even post-text—future.

Los intelectuales africanos ante el fenómeno de las dictaduras

A menudo me preguntan para qué sirve la literatura en las sociedades africanas. Desde fuera, resultan incomprensibles tantas horas de…

Zhuangzi Dreaming of a Butterfly, Ming dynasty, mid-16th century, ink on silk.

Cosmographic Experiments: Thinking, Doing, and Being with Classical Chinese Medicine

Mei Zhan

In questioning the status of materialist theory and the process of theorization in traditional Chinese medicine, and in postsocialist life more broadly speaking, classical Chinese medicine advocates imagine nondialectical materialisms as immanent ways of thinking, doing, and being in the world.

Pume Bylex's Tourist City

"Illuminating the Hole": Kinshasa’s Makeovers Between Dream and Reality

I examine the history of modern urban planning ideas and makeover models in the capital city of Kinshasa, Congo, with specific reference to the career of Pume Bylex. These proposed and attempted makeovers are looked at in the historical, cultural, and social context of Kinshasa itself, specifically regarding its colonial past, its prevailing mysticism, and its residents’ collective yearning for a dream city and a utopia that removes them from the reality of the actual city and nation they inhabit.

Man Collecting a blood sample from a Tibetan subject

Genetic Origami in Asian Experiments

Aihwa Ong

How can the humanities and social sciences can be blended in a contemporary inquiry into the flow of bioscience to sites in Asia?

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Breath, Body and Voice Gala Concert: Stephen Jaffe’s “Migrations”

Breath, Body and Voice Gala Concert, Part Two: poet Nikki Finney’s A New Day Dawns and composer Stephen Jaffe’s Migrations…

Lebanese women wave their national flag and hold placards as they take part in a protest in Beirut

Environmental Activism in the Middle East: Prospects and Challenges

Environmental activism has intensified across the Middle East and North Africa over the past few decades, focusing primarily on environmental issues that affect public health, livelihoods, and essential services.