The Future of Political Theory: Revisiting Its Past and Some Thoughts About Its Future

This short essay revisits answers to a similar question about the future of political theory posed 15 years ago and considers the significance of changes that have occurred since then.

Entanglement and the Future of Religious Studies

Entanglement as a concept is shown to transcend long-established limits and embrace fluidity, allowing more nuanced understandings of the past and the future in multiple areas of the humanities.

The Future of Political Theory: American Political Thought in the Trump Era

Nora Hanagan

This essay discusses how the study of American political thought can help contemporary scholars grapple with the rise of authoritarian populism in the United States.

Picture Caption: Oman, Wahiba Sands. Photo by Nicolas Rénac on Flickr.

Water Security in the Middle East and North Africa

This essay details the causes of and status of freshwater scarcity in this region and its broad and alarming economic, social, and political implications, which have a direct bearing on the area’s growth and security.

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Achille Mbembe, Future Knowledges & the Dilemmas of Decolonization

In this “at large” Humanities Futures talk, philosopher Achille Mbembe considers the possibilities of a new planetary configuration of the…

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Donna Haraway | Making OddKin: Telling Stories for Earthly Survival

Multispecies environmental and reproductive justice must be practiced against human exceptionalism and in resistance to colonial capitalist divisions of species,…

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Health, Loss, and the Biopolitical Distribution of Affect

This panel from the Health Humanities & Social Justice Breath, Body, Voice Conference at Duke University dealt with health, the…

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Nikky Finney: Sipping Kerosene at the Refectory

Famed poet Nikky Finney kicked off our Health Humanities & Social Justice Breath, Body, Voice Conference with a reading from…

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Alan Bleakley: A Psychoanalysis of Medicine’s Inflations

In this keynote address from the Health Humanities & Social Justice BREATH, BODY, VOICE Conference, Plymouth University’s Alan Bleakley discusses…

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Jonathan Metzl, MD: A New Paradigm for Race & Racisms in Medicine

Jonathan Metzl is the Frederick B. Rentschler II Professor of Sociology and Psychiatry, and the Director of the Center for…

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Medical Memoirs and Social Agency in Planetary Perspective

In this panel discussion, WiSER Institute colleagues Achille Mbembe (Author, Philosopher) and Nolwazi Mkhwanazi (Senior Lecturer in Anthropology), are joined…

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Race and Medicine

The Health Humanities & Social Justice: BREATH, BODY, VOICE Conference sought to ask the question: “How are the humanities transforming…

The Black Outdoors: Humanities Futures After Property and Possession

Carter and Cervenak recap the multiple meditations (including providing summaries of talks of invited speakers for the series) carried out throughout the year on what "the black outdoors" means for social thought, even as they also theorize and question that very concept.

Multilingualism as Migration: Remarks on Literature, Philology, and Culture

Till Dembeck

This essay asks to what extent, and how, literary scholarship can contribute to questions raised by migration.

Neuropsychiatry as Area Studies: Han Tong-se (1930–1973) and the Diagnostics of Gender/Sexual "Deviance" in Cold War South Korea

Part of a larger book project, this short essay illuminates understudied ways in which nonnormative sexuality and gender variance firmly undergirded authoritarian development in Cold War South Korea.

The Future of Political Theory: Political Theory as an Anti-discipline

Samuel Bagg

Political theory may be a strange academic discipline, or even an anti-discipline, but in the end, it doesn’t matter where political theory fits into the academy. What matters is the role it plays, or fails to play, in sustaining a democratic society.

The Future of Political Theory: Using the Canon to Prepare for Tomorrow

Political theory now must come to grips with the practical problems that have arisen from today’s extraordinary technological advances in communication and automation, which in turn have enabled economic globalization, polarization, and the rise of hyperpartisanship.

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Dr. Libia Posada, a Columbian artist and surgeon, will participate in our Health Humanities & Social Justice conference, BREATH, BODY,…

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Health Humanities & Social Justice: Breath | Body | Voice Conference

How have the humanities rearticulated their core disciplinary paradigms by engaging with new fields of exchange such as genetics, the…

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From Boxes to Bytes: Creating the Digital Transgender Archive

Keynote address of the 2016 symposium of the FHI-NCCU Digital Humanities Fellowship Program. The program supports the development of digital…