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Race and Medicine

The Health Humanities & Social Justice: BREATH, BODY, VOICE Conference sought to ask the question: “How are the humanities transforming…

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Nikky Finney: Sipping Kerosene at the Refectory

Famed poet Nikky Finney kicked off our Health Humanities & Social Justice Breath, Body, Voice Conference with a reading from…

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Achille Mbembe: Future Knowledges and the Dilemmas of Decolonization

In this talk, philosopher Achille Mbembe considers the possibilities of a new planetary configuration of the human and the humanities,…

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Health Humanities & Social Justice: Breath | Body | Voice Conference

How have the humanities rearticulated their core disciplinary paradigms by engaging with new fields of exchange such as genetics, the…

The Future of Political Theory: Political Theory as an Anti-discipline

Samuel Bagg

Political theory may be a strange academic discipline, or even an anti-discipline, but in the end, it doesn’t matter where political theory fits into the academy. What matters is the role it plays, or fails to play, in sustaining a democratic society.

The Future of Political Theory: Using the Canon to Prepare for Tomorrow

Political theory now must come to grips with the practical problems that have arisen from today’s extraordinary technological advances in communication and automation, which in turn have enabled economic globalization, polarization, and the rise of hyperpartisanship.

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Dr. Libia Posada, a Columbian artist and surgeon, will participate in our Health Humanities & Social Justice conference, BREATH, BODY,…

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From Boxes to Bytes: Creating the Digital Transgender Archive

Keynote address of the 2016 symposium of the FHI-NCCU Digital Humanities Fellowship Program. The program supports the development of digital…

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Entangled Bodies: Animals as Humans

The Entangled Bodies symposium is part of Entanglements: The Art of Between and Beyond, a year-long series (2016-17) organized by…

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Entangled Bodies: The Embodied God of the Hebrew Bible

The Entangled Bodies symposium is part of Entanglements: The Art of Between and Beyond, a year-long series (2016-17) organized by…

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Entangled Bodies: Sufism and Yogic Bodies

The Entangled Bodies symposium is part of Entanglements: The Art of Between and Beyond, a year-long series (2016-17) organized by…

Trash Matters: Residual Culture in Latin America

This article addresses the concept of trash from both an environmental and biopolitical perspective. It underscores the importance of trash in our daily lives as a key component of modern technology, habits of consumption, and disposability.

On Biopolitical Aesthetics and the Chinese Body as Surplus

This essay introduces the idea of biopolitical aesthetics and argues for a more nuanced attention to the figure of the medically commodified body in contemporary Chinese and transnational literature, art, and popular culture.

Visions of the Body: Embodied Simulation and Aesthetic Experience

This essay addresses the questions raised by the distinctly human trait of creating images.

Almost Citizens: Racial Translations, National Belonging, and the Global "Immigration Crisis"

The article examines some of the ways in which racialized immigrants and their descendants translate hegemonic ethnoracial terms to assert belonging and citizenship in the nation.

Afro-Pessimism and the End of Redemption

This essay addresses the tenets of Afro-Pessimism in relation to the condition of slavery, Blackness, and Black nonexistence.

Pleasure Pillars by Shahzia Sikander (2001), RISD graduate, Pakistani-US artist and Islamicate cosmopolitan. In Daftari.

Islamicate Cosmopolitan: A Past Without a Future, Or a Future Still Unfolding?

Islamicate is a term invented by world historian Marshall Hodgson. At once precise and woolly, it invokes Islam—its past, present, and future—yet marks its influence as exceeding any creedal or cultural limits.

"Tasso in the Hospital of St. Anna at Ferrara" by Eugène Delacroix, 1838

Linguistic Hospitality: Reflections on Voice, (Early) Modernities, and the Future of Italian Studies

Jane Tylus

As émigrés currently adopt Italian to relate their personal experiences, a new edginess and perceptivity is developing in the arts, particularly in the cinema and in literature.

Towards a Materialist History of Music: Histories of Sensation

This essay examines the history of auditory sensation, specifically music, in materialistic terms related to sensory communication and raw physicality.

A Liberian Journey

Gregg Mitman

In this essay, the author relates a journey to retrace the steps of a 1926 Harvard medical and scientific expedition to Liberia.