Keyword: Religion
  • After the Rebellion: Religion, Rebels, and Jihad in South Asia


    This essay addresses how the events of 1857–58 minoritized and racialized Indian Muslims, with particular attention to the use of jihad as a rhetorical concept in the colonial period.

  • Explorations in Islamic Feminist Epistemology


    Responsive to Elizabeth Castelli’s (2001) call to "trouble" and destabilize our categories of analysis in the study of religion and gender, this paper explores the feminist epistemological category of "experience," particularly as it relates to the study of Islam and Muslim societies.

  • When Angels Speak with Tanya Luhrmann


    This talk examines the phenomenological features of voice-hearing in different settings—religious and secular, modern and medieval. Prof. Tanya Luhrmann drew…

  • Black History, Islam, and the Future of the Humanities Beyond White Supremacy


    Interpreting Islam as a form of Black history offers a scholarly framework for reimagining the humanities beyond white supremacy. This paper theorizes such a framework first by showing how modern Black people in Africa and the African diaspora constructed Islam as a religion and civilization of resistance to Euro-American imperialism and anti-Black racism.