… these borders that keep me down …

April 2, 2019
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… these borders that keep me down … is co-sponsored by Humanities Futures in partnership with the Dance Program at Duke.

What are the resonances from redlining to political gerrymandering? How are neighborhoods designated to separate people? When did the Federal Government actually engage in unfair lending practices in order to keep African Americans out of quality neighborhoods and away from the best resources available to other Americans? SLIPPAGE presents an exploration of redlining, gerrymandering, and asocial cartographies that produce and reinforce inequality. Deploying custom-designed live-feed sonification interfaces, wearable technologies, and AfroFuturist performance practices, this hour-long afrotechnopunk extravaganza brings DUKE faculty, graduate students, community activists, and SLIPPAGE artists together for a special MOOGFEST presentation.