J. Kameron Carter

Associate Professor of Theology, English, and Africana Studies
Duke University

J. Kameron Carter is Associate Professor of Theology, English, and Africana Studies at Duke University and Duke Divinity School. He works in African diaspora studies using theological and religious studies concepts, philosophy and aesthetics, and literatures and poetries of the black diaspora in doing so. Driving his work are questions pertaining to the theory and practice of blackness, with particular reference to black feminism and the sacred. Carter’s book Race: A Theological Account appeared in 2008 (New York: Oxford University Press). He is the editor of Religion and the Future of Blackness (a special issue of South Atlantic Quarterly, 2013) and presented the Warfield Lectures (a set of six lectures) at Princeton Theological Seminary (2016) under the title Dark Church: Experiments in Black Assembly. He’s also finalizing the manuscript of a book titled Black Rapture: An Ante-American Poetics. Professor Carter jointly curated with Professor Sarah Jane Cervenak (UNC, Greensboro) the year-long project "The Black Outdoors" (supported by Duke University’s Franklin Humanities Institute) that thinks about blackness as an otherwise ecological, atmospheric condition. With Cervenak, he’s the editor of a Duke University Press book series, The Black Outdoors: Innovations in the Poetics of Study.


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