The Education of Bruno Latour | Latour in Conversation with Dan Richter and Audience

August 4, 2016
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Famed modern French philosopher Bruno Latour spoke at Duke on his recent work regarding "critical zones" in the earth sciences, along with Prof. Daniel Richter of Duke’s Nicholas School of the Environment. In this video, Prof. Latour discusses the Anthropocene and why even the scientific community is at odds within itself over this radical new view of humanity’s impact on the earth. Bruno Latour is professor at Sciences Po, Paris, where he also directs the médialab and the SPEAP (Experimentation in Arts and Politics) program.
This event followed a 2-day visit by Prof. Latour and a group of scholars and artists to the Calhoun Critical Zone Observatory, Prof. Richter’s NSF-funded research site in South Carolina. Read more about that trip here:…
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