Global Blackness: A Multidisciplinary Exploration | Duke Faculty Panel with Makhulu, Winters, Glymph, DeFrantz

October 24, 2018
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"The Black Body in the Time-Space of the Negative" – Anne-Maria Makhulu, Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology and African & African American Studies

"Blackness and the Volatile Sacred" – Joseph Richard Winters, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies

"Some Ideological Tricks and Historical Registers of Race: A View from the Field of Nineteenth Century Slaveries and Emancipations" – Thavolia Glymph, Professor of African & African Studies and History

"Global Blackness: 5 Movements" – Thomas F. DeFrantz, Chair of African & African American Studies and Professor of Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Dance and Theater, Director, SLIPPAGE