NCCU-Duke Digital Humanities Fellows, 2016-17

The Franklin Humanities Institute is thrilled to announce the first cohort of North Carolina Central University-Duke University Digital Humanities Fellows! A key component of the FHI’s Mellon Humanities Futures initiative, the NCCU-Duke DH collaboration is built upon the Franklin Humanities Institute’s rich history of engagement with HBCU faculty and animated by an interest to advance digital humanities across institutions.

The fellowship program is geared towards increasing the use of digital humanities in the classroom. The program will consist of a series of hands-on and interactive workshop beginning in August 2016. The trainings will be both at Duke and NCCU and will extend over the course of the 2016-2017 academic year. Workshops will focus on both the theoretical and practical aspects of the digital humanities. NCCU faculty fellows are asked to create a new course or significantly revise an old one for inclusion in their regular teaching cycle. At the conclusion of 2016-17, Fellows will present their projects at a joint NCCU-Duke symposium.

2016-17 Fellows & Projects

Candace Bailey, Professor of Music
Uncovering African-American History through Material Culture

Claudia Becker, Professor of German, Department of Language and Literature
Multimedia Storytelling: Comparing and Contrasting Emigrants’/Immigrants’ Voices from Films and Real Life

Lisa Carl, Associate Professor of Language and Literature & Mass Communication
Early American Material Culture

Jarvis L. Hargrove, Assistant Professor of History
African History as Told through African Owned Newspapers, 19th-20th Centuries

Kathryn C. Wymer, Associate Professor of English, Department of Language and Literature
Uncovering the Spirit of Place at North Carolina Central University

For more information and to follow our progress, see our NCCU-Duke Digital Humanities Fellows Program website.