Kate Flint

Provost Professor of Art History and English
University of Southern California

Kate Flint is Provost Professor of Art History and English at the University of Southern California, where she’s just finished a three and a half year stint as Chair of Art History.  She previously taught at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, and at the University of Oxford.  Kate’s work has always been interdisciplinary: she’s written books on The Woman Reader 1837-1914 (1993), The Victorians and the Visual Imagination (2000) and The Transatlantic Indian 1776-1930 (2009), as well as numerous edited volumes and articles in art history, literary studies, and cultural history.  This year she holds an ACLS Fellowship and a Fellowship at the National Humanities Center, where she’s completing her latest project: “Flash! Photography, Writing, and Surprising Illumination,” which is a cultural history of the practice of flash photography.


  • How Should We Read a Painting Now?

    How does today’s global art world help open up questions about the global reach of art and artists in the past? And, linking past and present, how do we most effectively use language to convey, and interpret, the always elusive affective impact of art?


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