PhilipRupprecht portrait

Philip Rupprecht

Professor of Music
Duke University

Philip Rupprecht is Professor of Music at Duke University. His recent books include British Musical Modernism: the Manchester Group and their Contemporaries (Cambridge UP, 2015), the edited volume Rethinking Britten (Oxford UP, 2013), and Britten’s Musical Language (Cambridge UP, 2001). He is also co-editor of two essay volumes, Tonality 1900–1950: Concept and Practice (Franz Steiner Verlag, 2012) and Tonality Since 1950 (2017). Current research interests include the intersection of aesthetics and postwar bureaucracy in British symphonic genres of the 1940s and 50s. He received his PhD from Yale University.



  • Common Currencies: British Music and Europe in the Age of Brexit

    The notion of "British music" represents some kind of unavoidable supreme fiction among a crowd of invented traditions, canons, and genres. But if national markers of the British are (in every sense of the word) insular, their flow of signs, like the flow of peoples migrating across our planet daily, will never be done.


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