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Global Health & Comparative Literature: Perspectives from HIV in South Africa

Alvan Ikoku

The title of this paper references five terms of specific importance to my understanding of global health humanities, as the subfield has emerged since the latter part of the twentieth century. The first and second terms—global health and comparative literature—juxtapose two domains of knowledge often held apart disciplinarily: in other words, they are considered two modern disciplines often thought of as methodologically, and even incommensurably, distinct.

Vladimir Putin leads endangered cranes on migration route

Extreme Science: Towards Global Slavic Humanities

The 20th century cultural and political history of Russia as well as its recent political development consistently represent the most radical manifestations and, subsequently, the ultimate test of most progressive Western theories and ideologies; wherein corresponding intellectual and political practices appear as early and extreme realizations of modernity’s potentialities; potentialities that may become actual at any given moment in any given region of the world. Thus, global Slavic Studies might develop as an area of humanities exploring extreme versions and scenarios of modernity.

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Beth Holmgren, Sumathi Ramaswamy & audience | Response to Faisal Devji’s “Humanities after Humanism”

At the Global Humanities inter-departmental seminar, Duke faculty Beth Holmgren (Slavic and Eurasian Studies) and Sumathi Ramaswamy (History) share their…

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Monica Huerta on the Humanities Postdoctoral Experience

Monica Huerta is a Provost’s Postdoctoral Fellow at Duke (2014-16). In this presentation for the Postdocs in the Humanities event…

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Achille Mbembe | Frantz Fanon & the Politics of Viscerality

Delivered as the keynote for the Frantz Fanon, Louis Mars, & New Directions in Comparative Psychiatry Workshop (April 26-27, 2016),…

What it Means to be Non-Human: Feminism, Science, and Molecular Politics

Pauses, Turns, and a Few Hesitations Several years ago, while preparing to split nearly confluent plates of immortalized mouse hypothalamic…

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Islam as Black History

A conversation with Edward Curtis (IUPUI) and Jamillah Karim (Spelman) around questions about Islam as Black History and why is…

Kirsten Dunst in Melancholia

Postmodern Melodrama and Its Discourses – Part 2

VIEW VIDEO HERE Part 2 Melodrama and Realism in the Urban Cinema of Ramin Bahrani Amy Corbin, Muhlenberg College Earth-Object:…


Postmodern Melodrama and Its Discourses – Part 1

  VIEW VIDEO HERE Part 1 The Elephant of Melodrama Linda Williams, University of California, Berkeley Melodrama and the Politics…

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Catarina Gomes | Why a Humanities Lab in Angola?

In this Humanities Futures “Academic Futurology” event, cultural anthropologist Catarina Gomes describes her planning for a humanities lab in Angola…

Shadows of Light by Alex May

The Humanities After Humanism

Faisal Devji

There has been a great deal of hand-wringing recently about the fate of the university, and particularly that of the…

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Academic Futurology | Humanities Grants Workshop

A workshop on funding possibilities in the humanities and the arts, with presentations from Duke faculty and research development specialists….

A Two Point Equidistant projection of Asia.

Re-imagining World Spaces: The New Relevance of Eurasia

Mark Bassin

Although we often think about geographical continents as fixed natural entities, they are in fact also the product of imaginative construction. The most recent example of this process is the emergence of the continental concept of "Eurasia."

An Alternative Paradigm for Studying and Performing Athenian Drama

Theatrical production at Athens was a communal experience, deeply rooted in the social and political life of the city. Ancient Athenian productions were more tied to the local community than most community-based productions today. Success in performance was not limited to a small group, but a living example of democracy in action.

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Bradley Rogers | Response to Tavia Nyong’o & Deboleena Roy

Duke Theater Studies scholar Bradley Rogers responds to presentations by Tavia Nyong’o (Performance Studies, NYU) and Deboleena Roy (Women’s, Gender,…


Theater, Theory, Practice

Based on the recent experience of instituting a program in theater, dance, and media at Harvard, I propose an approach of teaching the theory and practice of theater that takes into account the long history of anti-theatrical thought.

Emma Goldman speaking from an open car to a crowd of garment workers about birth control at Union Square, New York, on May 20, 1916.
(UPI, Bettmann Archive)

Feminist Articulations: Gender and Sexuality in a New Feminist Landscape

This paper explores some current contexts of ‘feminist articulation’ in a globalised and media-saturated world. I track some of the changing fates of feminist discourse within and outside the academy in Europe (particularly the UK), with a focus on generational tensions, the relationship between sexuality and gender, and the subject of feminism.