Malaria Commission of the League of Nations, Geneva. Photograph by Poesch photographic agency, 1928

From Colonial Medicine to International Health in East Asia

This essay examines in depth the history of colonial medicine in East Asia and its transition to an international health initiative.

Colorful pile of pills

Toward Global Histories of Pharmaceuticals in East Asia

Timothy Yang

This brief essay considers the history of pharmaceuticals in East Asia. It begins with a discussion of the burgeoning popularity of cultural and social histories of modern medicine in East Asia, and it describes the benefits and potential pitfalls of examining medicines as commodities.

Motorcyclist outside the Nallur Kandaswamy temple, Jaffna, Sri Lanka. Photo by Jim Sykes.

Remapping Sound Studies

The authors argue that this project necessitates asking different sorts of questions than have been typically asked in sound studies, and they contend that this change will in turn require broadening the purview of sound studies because it will challenge some of the field’s central presuppositions.

Shaikh Dervish

Explorations in Islamic Feminist Epistemology

Responsive to Elizabeth Castelli’s (2001) call to "trouble" and destabilize our categories of analysis in the study of religion and gender, this paper explores the feminist epistemological category of "experience," particularly as it relates to the study of Islam and Muslim societies.

The Future of Political Theory: The Normative Science of Politics

This essay examines the contrasts between political theory and political science, with a view toward the future trends of the two in relation to one another in the twenty-first century. The author ventures to make three predictions and invites readers to offer their own insights in response.

African Intellectuals in the Face of the Phenomenon of Dictatorship

Given the current political climate, this paper insists that we recognize the work of Africans who strove to counter totalitarianism throughout the twentieth century. Starting with the Fifth Pan-African Conference in 1945, it brings to light the contributions of African thinkers, writers, and artists who dedicated themselves to resistance in the form of creative production.

Thinking "Global Blackness" Through the Frame of Angelus Novus: An Exploration of Racial Aporias and the Politics of Modern Power, Sovereignty, and Temporality

In this exploratory essay, I would like to offer a way of thinking about the generative processes inherent in the formation of modern power that bring about and sustain a globalizing "blackness."

The Future of Political Theory: Revisiting Its Past and Some Thoughts About Its Future

This short essay revisits answers to a similar question about the future of political theory posed 15 years ago and considers the significance of changes that have occurred since then.

Entanglement and the Future of Religious Studies

Entanglement as a concept is shown to transcend long-established limits and embrace fluidity, allowing more nuanced understandings of the past and the future in multiple areas of the humanities.

The Future of Political Theory: American Political Thought in the Trump Era

Nora Hanagan

This essay discusses how the study of American political thought can help contemporary scholars grapple with the rise of authoritarian populism in the United States.